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"I Am Proof Of What 1 Book Can Do For You!" - Caleb Maddix
When I was 12 years old I wrote my first book 'Keys To Success For Kids'. Now I am able to travel the world, make hundreds of thousands of dollars and impact millions of people all because of the fact that I released a book that changed a lot of people's lives.
Would you like any of the following...
  •  To make at least $10,000 every month
  •  The freedom for the rest of your life
  •  To publish your own book
  •  Share your message with millions of people around the world
  •  Be financially free
  •  Become an expert
  •  Have the freedom to do what you want when you want
  •  Travel the world
Here Is What You Will Receive:
How To Write Your Book Course
  •  Learn the exact steps to write your own book
  •  How to get clear on your message for your book
How To Promote Your Book Course
  •  Tools and strategies to effectively promote your book
  •  Fulfill your books potential and help your audience
  •  Make an impact and make money
We Will Create A Website For Your Book
  •  You will have a website to advertise your new book
  •  You will be able to make sales through your website
  •  Another avenue to create income
We Will Edit Your Book
  •  Work directly with our editing specialist
  •  We will examine your book for grammatical and content
  •  You will avoid a lot of hours because we are doing this for you 
We Will Design The Interior Of Your Book
  •  Professionally formatted to be perfect for printing
  •  You get to choose your book dimensions
We Will Create Your Book Cover
  •  We will design your book cover based onthe essence of your book
  •  Capture the unique qualities of your writing
  •  Respresent clearly your overall message
We Will Upload Your Book To Amazon
  •  We will create your amazon profile that uploads your book to Amazon
  •  You get access to the master printing and ordering page
  •  You will get all the information in order to assist you
We Will Format Your Book To eBook
  •  We will provide your with an eBook version of your book
  •  Upload your book as an iBook
  •  You will also receive a kindle edition
You Maintain 100% Creative Control
  •  We will not change your vision
  •  We will bring your vision to life
  •  We are creating the professional product you will be able to sell
BUT WAIT! That's Not All . . .
One of our values is to always over-deliver... So we not only want to give you absolutely everything you need to write and publish your book, make an impact, share your message with the world and make at least $10,000 a month doing so...

We put together a ONE DAY with Matt and Caleb in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday AUGUST 5th, 2017. You are going to absolutely love this. Normally when Matt and Caleb sell a day of training the investment is $10,000. 

However, when you write your book with Maddix Publishing... You get to spend a day with Matt and Caleb at NO EXTRA CHARGE not to mention at least 20 other like minded aspiring authors and world changers. 

Caleb is going show you exactly how he built his following on social media and what he did to reach over 10 million people in just 1 week...

Imagine being able to spread your message to that many people... It's possible if you follow the strategies taught in this program.

Matt and Caleb will also be teaching strategic marketing, branding and sales principles that will give you the practical steps that you must take in order to dominate on Social Media and in Business. 

This one day with Matt and Caleb will be so inspiring, refreshing, encouraging but most importantly will also connect you with like minded people. 

So we want to give you this as a bonus for taking action right. This is not available anywhere, you can only get it with Maddix Publishing. 
The day with Matt and Caleb will start at 9 am on Saturday morning with some FRESH Starbucks Coffee and juice by the one and only author of "Just Juice It." Matt Maddix himself ;) 

The first hour will be a teaching from Matt and Caleb about building your personal brand so that you become the person that people want to follow. 

After the first session Matt and Caleb will do a Q&A with the group of Authors about Branding and your Social Media Image. 

The second session will be a teaching from Matt and Caleb about "The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media" so that you learn how to do your Social Media in a way that gives so much value that people always want to buy your stuff. 

There will be another Q&A about Social Media so that you make sure that you know everything that you need to know about how to do your Facebook Page, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram. 

The third session will be about how to PROMOTE and MARKET your book so that you make a lot of impact and money with your book. 

There will a group Brainstorm about all the ideas and ways to market and promote our books. 

The fourth session will be about how to use your book to SELL products and services the right way. Matt and Caleb will share the secrets of selling tickets to Retreats, One on One Coaching and how to build a membership site. 

That's not all... 

Matt and Caleb are going to have a very special surprise for all the authors at the end of the day. 

You'll leave this one day event with so many new practical ways to grow your brand and business. You will have a deep connection with Matt and Caleb and the other authors that you connect with. 

This bonus alone is worth having your book published with Matt and Caleb. You get it for FREE. This one day Mastermind type of experience with Matt and Caleb will sell in the future for $25,000 per person. 
Let's Recap Everything You Are Going To Get...
  •  How To Write Your Book Course
  •  How To Promote Your Book Course
  •  We Will Create A Website For Your Book
  •  We Will Edit Your Book
  •  We Will Design The Interior Of Your Book
  •  We Will Create Your Book Cover
  •  We Will Upload Your Book To Amazon
  •  We Will Format Your Book to eBook 
  •  You Maintain 100% Creative Control
  •  2 Free Tickets To Our Mastermind Author Event
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Imagine when . . .
  •  You are earning over $10,000 every month
  •  You are a published author
  •  You are an expert in your industry
  •  You are impacting millions of people around the world
  •  You are able to travel the world
  •  You are financially free
So... After Everything I've Told You, If You Are Interested In Making Over $10,000 A Month & Creating The Life Your Deserve Then...
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Here's A Quick Bio Of Caleb Maddix
Caleb Maddix is a 15 year old entrepreneur, author, social media influencer, and the world’s #1 success and entrepreneurship mentor for kids.

He is the author of six books including Keys To Success for Kids and How To Have Unstoppable Confidence. Maddix has made over $200,000 and has impacted millions of people in the process. He created the #1 movement for kids who want to be successful, called Maddix Book Club.

Caleb has been voted in “The Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers on the Planet.” and “The Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30.” 

He has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Success Magazine, Fox News, & Entrepreneur Magazine.

He has shared the stage and connected with the likes of, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Russell Brunson, Kevin Harrington, Darren Hardy, Jake Paul, Grant Cardone, and many other influencers.

Maddix is passionate about impacted kids, homeless, and single mothers. He has been on over 53 missions trips and is the co founder of the non profit and movement, Maddix Missions.

Caleb resides in St Petersburg, Florida, with his father Matt Maddix.
Here's A Quick Bio Of Matt Maddix
Matt Maddix, life coach, consultant and CEO of Matt Maddix Motivations, is a successful international speaker and master motivator. He has hosted over 120 live events with as many as 32,225 registrants.

During past events, Maddix has shared the stage with some of the greats in the world such as: Kevin Harrington, Gary Vaynerchuck, Darren Hardy and Glenn Twiddle.
In conjunction with travelling as a motivational speaker, Matt is the founder Jump Start Your Business, Five Star Parents, My Health Coach, and Mission 25.

He is also the author of bestselling books The Healing Power of Juicing and Just Juice It. In addition, Maddix is co-host of two internet talk shows—Morning With Maddix and Fuel for Success.
Matt is best known for his sales and marketing success, but he is most proud as the father of 15-year-old celebrity superstar speaker, Caleb Maddix.
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